Surface Restorer

Surface Restorer
Deep cleans, restores, and re-seals. Crystal-GloŽ Surface Restorer is a special one step polish/conditioner that effectively cleans and eliminates heavy oxidation, minor scratches, surface rust, embedded dirt, corrosion, discoloration, tarnish, yellowing, chalking, and fading. Quickly restores, and polishes to a brilliant high gloss shine. Simultaneously adds unique non-stick acrylic protection that is both weather-proof (UVA/UVB SPF 30) and scratch resistant.

Combines the unique restoring ability of Crystal-Glo Polishes with more cleaning power and super-fine abrasives. Adds acrylic protection that is impervious to road grime, salt, corrosion and acid rain.

Compounding & Refinishing: Eliminates compound swirl/wheel marks, revitalizes color intensity, and improves gloss levels. Makes reconditioning much easier, with less clean-up -- no messy residue, dust or flakes. Contains no silicones or wax. Superior to rubbing and polishing compounds. For best results use with a machine polisher/buffer.

Where to use: All paintwork, fiberglass, gelcoat, aluminum, chrome, brass, stainless steel, silver, carbon fiber, GRP & composites. Clearcoat safe.

On dull, oxidized surfaces needing shine and restoration; after wetsanding / compounding (instead of glazing, polishing, waxing); and, when repainting, helps old paint match with new paint.
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