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Marine Treatment
CRYSTAL-GLOŽ Marine Treatment (Acrylic Boat Polish) cleans, revitalizes and protects in one. Having maximized color intensity and high gloss, it deposits a super-protective acrylic coating that gives your boat a deep, lustrous shine, impervious to salt water, acid rain and marine growths.

Our price: $23.99

Marine Care Starter Kit / Gift Set
All the essentials. CRYSTAL-GLOŽ Starter Kit/Gift Set. Everything needed to clean, shine, and effectively protect virtually every surface of your boat, in a neat kit.

Our price: $46.99
Market price: $52.96 save 11%
Complete Marine Care Set
The complete Crystal-Glo Marine Product Line, includes the Marine Care Starter Kit, Microfiber Applicators, Microfiber Drying Towel, and Spray Polish. A Great Value!

Our price: $64.99
Market price: $77.93 save 17%
Acrylic Total Wash
CRYSTAL-GLOŽ Acrylic Total Wash is a concentrated shampoo for your motorcycle that gently deep cleans, attacks grease, and lifts off dirt. Even removes brake dust. Once dried, there are no water spots or streaks, just a sleek, eye-pleasing crystal-clear shine.

Our price: $9.99

Spray Polish
CRYSTAL-GLOŽ Spray Polish is a complete detailer for in-between polishing. Cleans and polishes without water. Quickly and easily produces an instant “wet” look.

Our price: $8.99
Leather & Vinyl Treatment
CRYSTAL-GLOŽ Leather & Vinyl Treatment deep cleans, conditions, and adds lasting life to your leathers, dashboard, vinyl, and rubber trimmings. Removes stubborn stains and dirt, while revitalizing the natural richness, color depth and suppleness (without the mess of any greasy, oily residue).

Our price: $8.99
Surface Restorer
Deep cleans, restores, and re-seals. Crystal-GloŽ Surface Restorer is a special one step polish/conditioner that effectively cleans and eliminates heavy oxidation, minor scratches, surface rust, embedded dirt, corrosion, discoloration, tarnish, yellowing, chalking, and fading. Quickly restores, and polishes to a brilliant high gloss shine.

Our price: $24.99

Microfiber Applicators
CRYSTAL-GLOŽ Microfiber Applicators may be used to apply any of the Crystal-Glo products. They are ultra soft, lint free, scratch free, streak free, and produce outstanding results. Helps spread evenly and easily. Comfortable handling. Faster application. Improves product performance by removing surface impurities without scratching.

Our price: $7.99
Microfiber Towel
CRYSTAL-GLOŽ Microfiber Towel Made of a thick, plush, carefully selected microfiber material. Ultra soft, lint free, super absorbent, scratch free, streak free. Removes surface impurities without scratching.

Our price: $7.99
Polishing Cloth Set
Softer than diapers. CRYSTAL-GLOŽ Polishing Cloth Set consists of two large 100% soft cotton towels that are all-purpose, washable and reusable. Made of a unique gentle material with exceptional wiping and buffing ability to help you produce superior visual clarity and a flawless shine. Assists in eliminating streaks and swirl-marks. Helps produce a smooth even gloss.

Our price: $9.99