Can damage be prevented?

Over time vehicle surfaces erode from exposure to sunlight (UV rays), acid rain, salt, road dirt, grime and air pollution (industrial fall-out).  However, these effects can be avoided, and the original finish of your vehicle can be preserved for years to come with proper care. Crystal-Glo Surface Protection Products are made with the finest ingredients and conditioners to provide durable lasting protection against daily wear, harsh climates, and environmental conditions.

How do I keep my new vehicle looking new?

Clear Coat (the top layer on paints and finishes) acts as an invisible shield to preserve your vehicles new finish.  However, if not washed and polished periodically, oxidation will develop and costly damage will occur.  To prevent this from occurring, always take good care of the original appearance by keeping it clean and polished.  Spring, Summer and Fall are the best reminders of when a vehicle requires a fresh polish, with frequent washing and quick detailing in between.

How often should I wash my vehicle?

Periodic washings are necessary. Ideally, every week or two under mild conditions.  Do not allow your vehicle to deteriorate – lack of washing can lead to oxidation, corrosion and rusting.    

Can I use an electric polisher / buffer to apply the polish?

Yes, Crystal-Glo Polishes produce flawless, professional results when applied using an electronic polisher / buffer. For best results, use foam or napped cotton pads with a moderate speed between 800 to 1200 rpms. *Always refer to manufacturer instructions, as improper use of polishers may cause damage to paints and finishes.

What about dark color paints?

For best results on dark color finishes, buff off Crystal-Glo while still wet on the surface (ie. before hazing), using a clean, dry, soft cloth cloth or electric buffer.

Any other washing tips?

Always remember to wash the underbody, door stills, fuel cap compartment, and wheel wells of your vehicle to remove caked-on dirt and mud that holds moisture to metal, which can lead to rust and body rot.

It's my first time using Crystal-Glo Paint Treatment, what should I know?

When applying and buffing off the Paint Treatment (polish), make sure to use a clean dry, soft, cloth or applicator (as residue from previously used products could interfere with the positive performance you wish to accomplish). For best results we recommend at lease applying the polish twice the first time to get a nice even coat. Each time the finish gets deeper, richer and smoother.

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